Author Topic: Pope Promotes Jesus Born On December 25th  (Read 735 times)


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Pope Promotes Jesus Born On December 25th
« on: November 24, 2016, 07:13:56 AM »
Contrary to RCC Official dogma, the Popes of the 21st century break with tradition.

"The claim used to be made that December 25 developed in opposition to the Mithras myth, or as a Christian response to the cult of the unconquered sun promoted by Roman emperors in the third century in their efforts to establish a new imperial religion. However, these old theories can no longer be sustained. The decisive factor was the connection of creation and Cross, of creation and Christ’s conception." (Joseph Ratzinger; The Spirit of the Liturgy (2000), p. 107)

That's right, Pope Benedict believes that Christ conception was in March and and was born on December 25th.

Adding to the confusion, Pope Francis in his 2015 Christmas message depicts a Cosmic Jesus, born anytime, anywhere.

Don't let the Popes circumlocution confuse you. He's claim that Christ was born on Dec 25 is the silver bullet that killed the Mithras myth.